In the Summertime

Summer is a great time of year, especially for people who love hot sun mixed with a bit of cloud… and rain. It’s a great time for the kids as they have a nice long break off of school, however it can get a bit tricky knowing what to with them for so long… it doesn’t take long for you to run out of ideas, so that’s where this infographic comes in really handy.
It’s filled with really interesting and exciting things that the kids are going to love. In fact, not just the kids, there are things for the whole family, to be honest. If you are in the situation where your source of inspiration for events has run dry, then seriously consider giving this infographic a read. There’s a good mix of events on this list and plus, there’s bound to be one near where you live as the events are spread out over the entire country.
Your prayers have been answered: a list of children quieting events!
Summer Holidays
Summer Holidays [Infographic] is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree

How to Choose the Perfect Hotel Room for Your Cape Town Holiday

You can feel the excitement in your bones and can’t wait to get away for your long-deserved break.  And whilst you’re busy planning your holiday to a place like Cape Town, it’s easy to get carried away. You may be thinking of the sights to see (Table Mountain National Park and Camps Bay Beach are a must) and the activities that await you. But in the midst of all this planning, it is also important to consider the kind of hotel room that you can get, rather than just the hotel you will be staying in.

south africa

Whilst there may be plenty of hotels in Cape Town, South Africa to choose from, it is also in your best interest to choose the best hotel room and the best area in the hotel to assure you of a good night’s rest. Knowing the difference between a room with a good location and a room that is far-from-perfect can very well affect your downtime significantly.


When looking for a hotel


Now your search for the best hotel room begins. When looking for a good hotel, check out special booking and travel sites that are locally-based. These travel sites often feature most of the good hotels in the area, along with relevant information (such as location and facilities) and dining and entertainment options. But a site like this may also give you special offers and discounts that may not be available anywhere else.

If you see a hotel that you might be interested in, check for reviews of the hotel by other travelers on blogs. This could go a long way to helping you decide if the hotel is right for you, especially when it comes to your need for R&R.


When making your reservation


When you have finally found a hotel that you like and which fits your needs and budget, making a reservation is easy. But while doing this, you can make certain requests that will ensure a more restful night for you.


One of these is to ask for a room which is located in the middle of the hallway. The mid-point of the hall is the floor’s quietest area because it is not near exits (and those practical but annoying) vending machines. Another thing you can request is a room that does not face a recreational area, such as the pool area. We all know that a hotel’s pool area is a hive of activity, and if you want to get a good night’s rest, get a room that is facing away from or not near the pool.


It is also worth considering the room’s proximity to the hotel’s banquet and conference rooms. If you do not want to be bothered by party noises and microphone echoes, then ask for a room that is on a higher floor, as banquet and conference rooms are often on the lower levels.


Working with the hotel


It always helps when you make your expectations clear from the beginning when you are looking for the best hotels in Cape Town South Africa. This way, the hotel can work with you in helping you get what you need. Tell them exactly what you want and expect, whether it’s a hotel room with a good view, some peace and quiet, special bed coverings, a non-smoking floor, or anything else you can think of. And with this, your holiday to fabulous Cape Town is guaranteed to meet – and even exceed – all your expectations.

















Packing Right with the Ideal Packing Bags and More

You might have a lot of tasks at hand before an impending tour- from choosing the ideal budget accommodation and flight to researching on the special attractions of the concerned destination. No matter, how less irrelevant it seems, packing remains an equally important task. Packing is an art. The sooner you’re able to master it, the better it is for you. Choosing the right travel bag and packing right might help you avoid the minor predicaments experienced by travelers on a regular basis. Minor manufacturing flaws can result in noticeable dents in your travel bag, while being transported on the conveyor belt or else the absence of the due number of pockets in your back might just as well find you rummaging through your most important documents right in the middle of a street!

Today, within the scope of this post, we would like to discuss a few facets of packing,  thereby particularly emphasizing on why it remains an important part of your pre-tour arrangements.

business travel

Choosing the Right Bag

Making the choice of the right bag remains important, as already mentioned above. Start off by exploring the choices that you already have- the large luggage pieces and the back packs are available with retractable handles, wheels and back straps. Both these types of luggage have their advantages and disadvantages.

While the back packs, available in variant sizes, with or without frames are a hands-down favorite of hikers, campers and outdoor activists, they surely wouldn’t be the choice of a more elite tripper checking in at a fancy hotel. There are several other reasons why the backpacks are not favored:

  • They put much strain on your back especially if you’re required to take them on and off on a frequent basis when you’re traveling
  • Customers often complain that the backpack straps and the conveyor  belts are not really compatible with each other often fearing that the bag would be shredded to pieces after coming out

On the other hand, while the larger wheeled luggage bags are considered to be an ideal fit for fancy hotels, their wheels are often seen as a disadvantage. A heavy bag on wheels can well hinder ease of movement by getting stuck on a bystander’s feet.

Duffel bags have emerged as favorable luggage bag as they now come with retractable handle or wheels and are easy to carry as well

Saving On Airline Luggage Charges

Over packing is a proven bane for travelers. Not only does it hinder ease of movement but also result in astronomical airline luggage fees. So make sure that you’re packing only what’s necessary and availing services of airlines luggage courier companies like and that offer luggage shipping services at much lower rates than that of the airlines.

Learn the Art of Packing

While its necessary to take care that all the important items are included in your luggage, you are strictly advised against over packing. At least try and learn about things that you would be able to buy at half the prices at the place you’re traveling to. For instance, if you’re traveling to Asia, the consumerables  are available at much cheaper prices. So ditch those over sized travel consumer kits while traveling to Asia. Similarly you can jolly well leave your spiked heels behind while traveling to a place like Italy as they generally get stuck to its cobble stones.

Hong Kong Apartments: What to expect from a serviced apartment

If you’re looking for reasonably priced food, treats and apartment hotel, then Kowloon is definitely one of the many districts in Hong Kong that offers affordability and more. Nathan Road (also known as the Golden Mile), which is Kowloon’s main avenue, hosts an array of options for locals, tourists and businessmen. The location is perfect for those who enjoy shopping and dining, but it’s also where beautiful buildings and lovely harbor views are at its brightest. So if you ever find yourself staying in Kowloon for more than a week to a few months, then you should consider getting a place of your own here. The chance to witness everything from the area can be well experienced when you reside in any of the serviced apartments Hong Kong.


A place that you can call your own when in Hong Kong

Most of the questions that are often asked when looking for a place in Hong Kong revolve around the affordability of the accommodation, the established terms, the range of the space, and the location. But all of these can be met when you settle for a serviced flat.

Managed apartments are actually great alternatives to staying in an expensive hotel room accommodation. You won’t need to ‘break the bank’ to be able to pay a week/month/years worth of stay because most flats already offer some of the most flexible terms, especially in Kowloon. Your preferred number of days can even be tailored towards your request/s. So if you’re just staying for 4 weeks to 4 months, then you can do so as you please.

Residing in a serviced accommodation is like staying in a hotel

Some of the managed apartments in Hong Kong have already leveled up to hotel standards as this type of accommodation now offers the comforts of being at home, with a few hotel luxuries added to it. Just take for example the V serviced apartments in West Kowloon. The fully furnished and fully serviced V establishment is now the go-to lodging by many individuals and groups. Below are just some of the amenities that you can expect from them:

  • Just like in hotels, every V flat in West Kowloon comes with a good batch of ‘welcome snack goodies’.
  • Every studio apartment comes with a private balcony and a fully equipped kitchen (some flats offer either a separate or open kitchen layout).
  • Each living space is equipped with the latest entertainment resources (i.e. LCD TV with NOW channels).
  • Housekeeping service that will be available once a week.

Most serviced lodgings in Kowloon already offer packages that include management fees, service charges, use of self-service laundry facilities, use of on-site fitness room and many more.

Why a Kowloon serviced lodging is an ideal housing solution

Kowloon is a great location and that’s why it’s continuously being chosen as one of the ideal places to reside in when in Hong Kong. The district itself can be easily reached through several transportation means, particularly the MTR service that links to Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui. With these added conveniences, you can expect that staying in Kowloon will be a worthy and yet an affordable experience.

The Australian Holiday Destination with Something for Everyone

Coffs Harbour, on the northern coast of New South Wales, Australia, is considered one of the top holiday destinations in the country by locals and tourists alike. Located where the Great Dividing Range meets the Coral Sea, visitors can enjoy the fantastic beaches and marine parks as well as trekking through the rainforest and walking along the Creek-side Boardwalk through mangrove forests and the Botanical Gardens. Whether you are looking for an adrenalin rush or a relaxing holiday at the beach, Coffs Harbour is for you.

New South Wales is famous for its water sports and Coffs Harbour has them all. Surfing, kayaking, white-water rafting, snorkelling, diving and Jet skiing to name a few, and there are catamaran tours for whale watching.

Other outdoor adventures include wildlife encounters from camel rides on the beach, to horseback riding though national parks on the Valery Trails. There is swimming with dolphins and sharks as well as the famous Muttonbird Island where visitors walk through the breeding grounds of thousands of wedge-tailed shearwaters in a nature reserve sacred to the Aboriginal people.

From skydiving and helicopter scenic flights to Segway tours through the city there is never a dull moment in Coffs Harbour. Visitors can find a local car hire and drive through the forests and along the coastal highways stopping whenever they want.

The Big Banana is famous all over Australia and families come from everywhere to have their photo taken near this 40 year-old landmark. There’s lots of banana-themed merchandise as well as food. The attraction includes much more with rides including a Wild Toboggan Ride as well as an inflatable waterslide and an ice-skating rink, shops and lakes and real snow in an indoor snow slope.

One truly amazing attraction is the Butterfly House. It is an indoor rainforest with thousands of butterflies. It also has a maze that is a challenge to navigate and a café.

For those who are looking for a casual, relaxing holiday, Coffs Harbour has more than nine golf courses and a Thai cuisine cooking class.

There is much more to Coffs Harbour than tourist attractions. They support an annual Sustainable Living Festival, the Coffs Harbour International Buskers and Comedy Festival, the Coffs Harbour Gold Cup Race and, the fantastic food festival, the Woolgoolga Curry Festival.

The best way to see and experience it all is to find a local car hire and choose your own itinerary. You will have the freedom to visit areas nearby at your own pace including Sealy Lookout in Bruxner Park as well as the forest sky pier or Dorrigo Skywalk. You can take drives along the Pacific Highway that runs between Sydney and Brisbane. Waterfall Way is considered one of the top scenic drives in Australia and the best in New South Wales. You can take a scenic 30 minute drive to the northeast of the city centre and visit some local artisans including a pottery shop and a fantastic bakery. There are also wineries and a tram carriage dining room.

Coffs Harbour is a modern city with a small town atmosphere. It is a great place for people looking for family fun as well as for people who want to participate in serious water sports. There are surfing schools that make it a point to combine the two.

Major Dos And Don’ts While Traveling Abroad


Travelling once in a while can work like magic, which will help you to rejuvenate both your mind and soul. However, if you are planning for a big trip abroad, then you might have to take help of some special tips and advices, which will double up the fun and excitement of the people. However, you have to deal with the major professional holiday helpers, who have years of experience in this area. If you browse through the internet, then you will come across different major professional websites, offering you with some fruitful tips and services, which you might have to follow religiously. Meeting with new people, checking out some attractive tourist attractive spots will surely make your trip a memorable one.

Significant points to be avoided

While you are traveling abroad, make sure you do not create any awkward situation for your fellow travelers. This will not only hamper their traveling experience but will also create a bad reputation for you and the place, from where you belong. Avoid a boorish manner and do not try to grab attention towards you. This might seems to be irritating behavior for your partner or other fellow members of your travelling group. However, you just cannot expect direct eye contact with anyone from a foreign land. In some areas, that might turn out to be some sort of provocative sign, which generally means unwanted or uneasy invitations.

Other noteworthy points to be followed

If you have rented any place in a foreign land and is staying over there for few days, then you should check for the security services. It will not be a good idea to keep your house unlock and leave without any security services. You are not aware of the security services of that new place, and it might give rise to some serious losses. Even if you are on a vacation trip, then make sure to lock your hotel rooms tightly and keep the keys with you. Avoid carrying heavy cash or expensive jewelries, when you are traveling. It might turn out to be provocative for robbers, which will be risky for your life. You can avoid using baggage tags if you do not want to disclose your nation’s identity. Keep all the emergency numbers near your hand, so that you can contact any police station, in times of need.

Eminent dos and don’ts

  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol, which might be an uneasy option for the travelers, with you.
  • Do not create any nonsensical behavior after consuming any addictive product. In certain parts of the world, drinking publicly can be a legal offense, which might give rise to a bad result. Therefore, look for the laws of the place before indulging into any action.
  • Keep a Xerox of your passport and other credit card numbers with you. Moreover, you can even get an extra copy for your family members, as well.
  • If you are into any medical courses, then do not forget to keep your medicines near your hand. You can also keep your doctor’s certificate with you, for getting any medicine from foreign medical store.
  • Keep any identification proof with you like ID card, bracelets, tag and more. This might really help if you are suffering from any serious medical condition.
  • Be polite and friendly and keep your calm, which will help you to mix with people well. If you are traveling alone, then a book can be your handy help.

If you browse through the internet, you will see that there are different travelling kits available, which can be of great help. Get those ticket and money kits from any leading store, at reasonable rates.

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Experience Thrill And Adventures Of Wildlife At Tadoba Tiger Reserve

Tiger Reserve

You can enjoy the activities of the wild animals as you travel in an open jeep. Observe the behavior of the animals who occupy dense wilderness. You can see a herd of docile deer munching on tender grass or catch a glimpse of the herd of elephants bathing in a lake. Sight of the rare one-horned rhino or the majestic lion can be memorable. If you are interested in migratory birds, you can head to the sanctuaries located in India. Apart from the fantastic flora and fauna the sanctuaries are a home to tigers. Several campaigns in the country aim at saving and protecting the depleting tiger population.

Important tiger reserves in India

Bandhavgarh national park boasts of a healthy tiger population. You can indulge in varied wildlife spotting, in the park. You can catch a sight of leopard, muntjac, wild boar and rhesus monkey. Amidst the cluster of trees, you 242 species of birds have discovered their home. The likelihood of spotting a tiger is immensely high. Situated in Maharashtra Tadoba tiger reserve is the largest in this Indian State. The protected forest of the reserve spans across 12.55 square meters. A lake, which lies amidst the thick woods, is a home to mugger crocodiles.

Enjoy in Tadoba

The Tadoba tiger reserve encompasses the Andheri sanctuary and Chimur Hills. The caves and cliffs, meadows and valleys offer shelter to a variety of wildlife. The deciduous trees include Mahua, Semal, Beja and Salai to name a few. Enjoy the vibrant colors of the forests as you travel through the thick foliage. Certain medicinal plants can be found in the forest. Among the reptiles, you may be able to spot a cobra, Indian monitor or Russel’s viper. Jungle cats, leopards and sloth bears, can be easily seen. At a resort, your day begins with a cup of steaming coffee. An open gypsy is ideal for a safari.

Dos and donts

When planning for a jungle safari, you must ensure that you are in light colored clothes. A pair of binoculars will help you to spot rare birds and animals. It is important to remain equipped with water and light snacks. It is essential to maintain silence in the jungle so that the animals are not disturbed. Observing the wild animals without disturbing them is the primary aim of a safari. The changing terrains in a forest offer a panoramic view. Activities which harm the environs should be avoided. While on the ride if you wish to take photographs you can do so without disturbing the untamed animals.

Plan your tour

Luxurious lodges can be found which are situated close to Tadoba tiger reserve. The tariffs charged by the resorts are easy on the pocket. It is important to plan the safari and stay well in advance. The resorts combine all the modern comforts and along with the excitements of wildlife adventure. In Maharashtra Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is well known for the teak forests where there are large chances of spotting a tiger. Hyenas, jackals and leopards too can be caught a glimpse of.

As you start planning for a jungle safari you can consider a trip to Kanha National park which is located in Madhya Pradesh. Animal lovers and naturalists can head to this reserve to experience the wonders of the wild. The rich habitat of the forest offers wonderful experiences. The panoramic views of the valleys and the rare sight of a variety of birds can be delightful. It is one of the best reserves in the world to see tigers. You can expect to hear calls of deer and langurs which indicate that the prettying tiger is on the prowl.

Author Bio: Steve planned a trip to India after he learnt about the rich tiger reserves. After the exploration, he was immensely satisfied with the experience which he gathered at Tadoba tiger reserve.


A Guide to Enjoying a Beautiful Winter Getaway with Your Spouse in Sussex


If you are looking to make the festive period more magical this year you should take a trip to Sussex. You and your spouse will have a beautiful winter getaway in this lovely county. After all, Sussex has so much to offer. From the stunning landscape, to the popular tourist attractions, to the wealth of charming pubs and restaurants; this is the ideal destination for a few days away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Sussex is made up of many different cities, towns and villages. You won’t be short of options when it comes to determining where to reside. You have the vibrant and lively town of Hastings. Or what about Eastbourne? Another place filled with personality and of course boasting the famous and beautiful Beachy Head. Or, there’s always Chichester – you will struggle to find somewhere else with such a charm as this city does. From the cobbled streets to the old buildings; it’s truly a delight.

No matter what place you select, there is one thing all of these destinations have in common; lovely self-catering cottages. You should look into these instead of staying in a traditional hotel. They are comfy and cozy and therefore provide the ideal basis for a romantic vacation. Not only this, but they are a lot cheaper as well. You will be able to stay in a quaint and pretty cottage. You will have all the homely comforts, more facilities and stunning views too. What more could you want when having a weekend away with the one you love?

There are also some really great places you should consider incorporating into your trip. As mentioned earlier, Beachy Head is a place that has generated a lot of attention. This is a chalk headland that is situated near Eastbourne. It is a place of sheer beauty. Nonetheless, aside from marvelling over the stunning vision in front of you, there is a lot more to do in the area. You can explore the Beachy Head Countryside Center or why not take a boat trip to the iconic lighthouse? After you have finished you can enjoy a bite to eat and a nice drink in the delightful Beachy Head pub.

Aside from this another romantic place worth incorporating into your trip is the garden and grounds of Herstmonceux Castle. You will literally have your breath taken away when you visit this famous tourist attraction. Firstly, you have the castle itself. This moated castle will take you back on a journey to medieval England. But that’s only the beginning of it. The gardens are truly magical. This is where the romance really blossoms. Once you have taken a look around all Herstmonceux Castle and Gardens has to offer you can enjoy a lovely cup of tea and a nice cake in Chestnuts Tea Room.

It’s important to make sure you and your partner spend some precious time together every now and again. And, what better time to do so then during the winter period? Get away from the stresses of everyday life and enjoy a lovely vacation with one and other.

The Famous Bridge between Asia and Europe – Bosphorus


The world that we live in is divided by boundaries and border lines of countries and to top that the whole earth is further divided into continents comprising of many countries. Though some might say these boundaries are not fair as we are all are human beings and we should have an open choice of living anywhere we want to as Earth belongs to us. It is such an amazing thing that we human beings are the only species on planet earth that pays to live. We either pay rent or have to buy property to own so we can permanently live there. No matter how big our concern about the borders might be, unfortunately or fortunately for us, we have chosen this path our self by letting our leaders decide for us, and of course they were put into power by us.

The Asian and European continents are sometimes also known as east and west. The Asian side is termed as eastern states and European side is termed as western countries. The continents have a bit of rivalry as well in terms of thought of view and western side is considered to be modern while eastern side is considered pretty much conservative in ideas. Europe and Asia are separated amazingly by one country, in fact a city to be exact, Istanbul – Turkey geographically. The city of Istanbul has Marmora Sea passing between it and the part of the city on the side of European continent is also city of Istanbul and part of Turkey. The bridge is a major attraction and across the world in many travel agencies you see large size images of the bridge printed on to photo canvas    displayed for tourist attraction. Though there is more than one bridge connecting both sides together, the most famous one is this one, known as ‘Bosphorus Bridge’.

Bosphorus Bridge is considered as the 21st longest suspension bridge ever built. The bridge has a total length of more than 1550 meters and width of more than 33 meters. The bridge was completed in 1973 and at then it was 4th largest suspension bridge of the time. The idea of connecting Asia with Europe is not of 20th century but dates back to 500 BC when the Emperor Darius I the Great from Persia somehow managed a bridge connecting two continents. The city of Istanbul has been a place of major significance in history. The city now known as Istanbul was known as ‘Constantinople’ in history and was the capital of many Empires including Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. The city being the capital has many palaces and buildings of historical importance and is a major tourist place for the people from around the world.

Because of the city of Istanbul having a small part of it in Europe, Turkey has been on its way to be a member of EU in future and is a part of NATO as we speak. There have been many reforms at all levels in Turkey to secure the bid and opportunity to join European member states. The Bosphorus Bridge has been used as official meeting places for these events of meeting Turkish and EU parliament officials. The bridge has also been showcased by tennis players playing match on it and F1 cars taking a spin on the bridge to signify it the bridge linking EU and Asia together for each other’s prosperity and better future.

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What Makes Berlin A Special Place?

Berlin is so special because it is the capital of Germany and houses many important things. There are many great sights which are scattered all over the Berlin. It is known as the crazy place. Berlin is different from the other capitals of the world. It is simple and people love to spend on organic food rather than hifi restaurant.


Berlin is the multicultural city with about 5 to 9 million residents of some 190 nations. You will clearly see the multicultural feature in shops and restaurants all over the Berlin.

Attractions in Berlin to make it special:

There are so many attractions for you to enjoy the marvelous city.

Mauer Park:

It is the not a spot for relaxing but it is the hot spot for shopping lovers. The park has a massive flea market where you can find everything on discount. Buy your favorite bicycle, furniture, cloths and souvenirs. You will love shopping here.

DDR museum:

If you want to hark back to old days when East Berlin was occupied then do visit DDR museum. This museum will provide you a perfect snapshot of bygones days. Go and experience the east germen memorabilia. And also mimic a stasi officer. You will enjoy doing this. Capture the moments and photo prints on canvas to save your memories of Berlin.

Berlin television tower:

It is known as “fernsehturm” locally. It is visible from the very distance; it is the tallest building in the Berlin having 368 meters height. You can enjoy the 360 degree panorama of the city while standing on the tower. Its multifaceted architecture will spellbind you. Near the tower there is a wide street known as karl-marx-allee having buildings of Socialist Classicism style.

Museum islands:

It is the UNESCO world heritage site. There are many important exhibition sites here at

  • Neues museum
  • Bode museum
  • Altes museum
  • Pergamon museum
  • Alte nationale gallerie

These all are full of art work and show pieces of cultural history. The digital prints to canvas of these artworks will look great on your wall.

Brandenburg Gate:

It is the Berlin’s signature attraction. It was built in 1791 and on of the old gates in the city of Berlin. The distinctive feature of this gate is the embellishing Pariser Platz at the foot of the gate. The striking buildings here are

  • Hotel adlon
  • Akademie der Künste (academy of the arts)

The academy of the arts is very nice place for art lovers and it provides unique facilities to the people present here.

These are the some attractions that make Berlin a special place.

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